VISION & Mission

The iDream Campus is committed to progressive, professional story telling through film, radio, television and digital media. The school provides its students with the foundational education and expertise to work in the field of filmmaking, entertainment and mass media.

Our Vision

iDream Campus is the home of innovative, creative education in filmmaking, with an emphasis on story. We guide, instruct and empower our students to conceive and develop their story ideas, bringing them to life. We believe powerful stories, given a platform, can lift the human condition.

iDream Campus hopes to give back to the film and television industry and the society; an institutional frame work for the formal training of directors, cinematographers, designers, technicians and actors who will enhance the standards of Telugu cinema and television.

Our final vision is to build a globally acclaimed comprehensive learning platform for those who dream to fly high in the universe of moving images.

Chinna Vasudeva Reddy


From being the Principal Engineer at United Online to producing films at KAD entertainment, Vasudeva Reddy has dabbled in Technology, Entertainment, Business and Politics. iDream Media has been all about realising ‘Dreams’ in the Digital universe, starting with the first long form interviews in South India, a concept and format that has not only been a huge success in terms of numbers but helped in being a chronicler of times, and added immense journalistic value to our current conversations. Being in key positions in Telugu associations in North America to organising huge concerts and events regularly in New York and New Jersey has helped create and sustain the togetherness of a large Telugu community in the US. From being the top distributor in the overseas market for Telugu cinema to amassing the digital rights to thousands of Telugu movies, CVR’s journey is as interesting as it’s prolific. He uses the discipline and drive from 12 years of Silicon Valley experience with the people skills it takes to successfully run the New Jersey Telugu Association in the rapidly changing and evolving Telugu cinema and digital industry.

Our Mission

iDream Campus is committed to excellence in film education and training so that our students have the right tools and mindset to create content and helm projects that raise the standards of excellence in the industry.

The most important objective of this institution is to provide the necessary foundation for students to work as professionals in the industry with the necessary exposure, tools and technical knowledge. By providing a curriculum that has a blend of theory and ‘on-set training’ imparted by highly experienced industry professionals, we are focussed on providing opportunities through an inspiring and conducive environment.

Our faculty find ways to help ensure our students are getting as much from our course as possible. And we strive to make sure our educational platform is both cutting edge and up-to-date with the most comprehensive, interesting, and rewarding educational content possible.