Lectures feature hands-on camera work, guest speakers and behind-the-scenes visits to our production and editing facilities. Choose your format for your final project: narrative, documentary, or experimental. Work on your script, rehearse with actors and shoot. The final product is your completed short film that you and your team worked on from scratch to finish

Production Level Teaching

What separates iDream from other filmmaking courses is the hands on experience students get from actually working on projects and watching industry professionals work and interact with them. Students are now ready to create a professional production with our guidance.

Teaching by Industry Experts

iDream faculty are not just teachers, they are doers. They’ve been in the industry and are simply here to share and work with young budding filmmakers and impart the knowledge and experience they got with years and a number of projects in their particular field of expertise.

Top level Facilities

The equipment and facilities at iDream for the student filmmakers help them create the right project. The softwares, the teaching, the standards as well as the work ethic imparted by our faculty is local in its flavour and global in its approach.


An integrated Film Making course which covers all the major aspects of cinema that helps you to work on your own short film starting from concept to execution.


Short Courses

Our short courses are a practical way for kids during the summer as well as working professionals in any industry to upgrade their skill set. It is a great way to keep up with changing technologies and to learn new skills that can help their professional development. For non-media professionals, For non-media professionals, it is a way to learn the basics of art forms they have always admired and wondered about the magic that goes on behind-the-scenes.

Facilities at iDream

From cameras and equipment to a state-of-the-art Dubbing studio and editing facilities, iDream Campus comes loaded with every Film Student’s dream campus facilities. To create good content, the key is to work with a strong network of experienced professionals and provide the right facilities. We set up teams to shape your idea, push the execution and manage the workflow from pre- to post-production.