The iDream Campus is a film school like no other, focussed on moulding the content, the creator and vision of student filmmaker to give and enrich the entertainment industries.

who we are

iDream has been in the business of creating original content by young and talented newbies in the industry, distributing huge projects as well as quality cinema overseas and accessing digital rights for classics as well as the latest new movies. Founded in 2013 by Chinna Vasudeva Reddy, iDream is a company to reckon with on YouTube, with more than 250+ channels under it, more than 5 Million subscribers and 5 Billion views.

Now the goal is to create better content, different cinema, get more talent into the field. And for this, training and understanding the process and discipline of cinema is essential. That is exactly what the courses at iDream Campus impart - the knowledge of cinema, combining the purpose of theory with the practicality of an unparalleled hands-on approach that makes a Writer out of a dreamer and a Director out of the film student.

Witnessing editors at work, asking queries directly to industry experts, working everyday with actual professional teams and having the privilege of access to an extraordinary board of advisors gives the Idream Campus Film Student an insight and an advantage. ID believes in helping students create and execute projects and work on spinning ideas into future realities.

Anyone looking to learn and be something new, someone to reckon with needs a platform, a start. ID is not simply the start but the head-start one needs to catapult into the industry and work as industry professionals and have as peers the mentors and idols one always looked up to. With Children’s workshops and after-school programs, we hope to create young filmmakers and content creators with a genuine understanding and love for cinema, theatre, music and all that it entails.