state of the art facilities

A significant highlight of the iDream is that the students will be learning in a busy and working environment. They will have access to interact with various technicians and creative artistes who visit our facilities. This will inspire the students and allow them to show their own works and discuss ways of making them better.

At iDream Campus, students get to work with high end Digital Cameras, Fine lenses, Lights, Sound Equipment, Editing Suites and other State-of-the art facilities providing them with the tools to work in the professional world.

Top level Faculties

Our faculty are industry experts who have years of experience in the field. This helps them take the theory of cinematic aspects to the practicality of taking knowledge and turning it into your vision.

Inside our Studio

Having our own studios helps the students write freely and creatively without worrying about location or execution. Green mat facility helps us create and work as we desire to execute a project.

Technical and Production Facilities

Having the right kind of cameras, lights and recording studio helps students create and execute the world that they put on paper. Students can work with the industry standard equipment.

Post Production Facilities

Watching and learning with the seasoned editors and graphics teams with fully equipped editing suites helps in understanding the complete process of filmmaking and how a film is finally made in the post.